Pope Francis Visits the United States

What was amazing about Pope Francis during his first trip to the United States as pope was how he transcend political and religious bi-partisanship. It is part of his charisma and charm. In these days when there is so much noise about everything and anything, it is refreshing to have a voice reminding us of the simplicity and sanctity of life.

On the ground, Pope Francis struck a cord in a lot of hearts as you can see people crying openly during mass as captured by television cameras. His messages centered around,

  1. Family values
  2. Poverty,
  3. The Power of Love, Truth, and Beauty,
  4. Compassion,
  5. Faith,
  6. Triumph of Good and Evil
  7. Climate change

The pope breaks from his tradition in stepping up to some controversial subjects surrounding the Catholic church. While we may not agree with the pope on all matters, he is very much admired. We can find common grounds e.g. universal truths, such as faith, compassion, love, and beauty.

It was impossible to follow Live the Pope Francis’ entire visit because it was a full schedule from morning to late at night. As the lights dimmed during the World Meeting of Families, it would not surprise me if he had nodded off! Instead, he got to his feet, past 10 p.m. and gave this passionate long sermon on family, good and evil. It was breathtaking! His energy and stamina is impressive to watch for a man of 78!

One thing that stood out was the lack of women on stage during all the ceremonies. The only visible presence is the woman cantor. Women nuns were present below the stage among the crowds. While the pope acknowledges the importance of women, it may be sometime before we see any visible change for the womenfolk.

The six day visit by Pope Francis was truly a piece of Americana. The outpouring of warmth, openness, love, spirits, diversity, and energies of the American people was spontaneous. It makes me proud to be an American!

And don’t forget his famous quote, “Please pray for me.”

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