Coffee Shop Chic

Coffee shops are everywhere. They are an emerging trend that brings many people from different demographic groups together. All around cities, these “five star Starbucks” are fully equipped with comfortable seats and caffeine drinks. Soon enough, many of us are starting to call these our second home.

Why are coffee shops so important to baby boomers? First of all, there is nothing like a good cup of coffee (or tea) any time of the day. Especially if your barista is a friendly youngster who makes sure you get the best customer service possible and leave with a smile. Secondly, it is a great place to meet new faces.

People who usually “hang” in these coffee shops are well-groomed interesting individuals. I prefer meeting someone at a coffee shop rather than at a bar. Wouldn’t you? Coffee shoppers are usually hard working individuals that sit behind their laptops and books. Their minds are always working. And if you get intimidated by your encounter, you can always jump back behind your screen or book and pick up where you left off.

Coffee shops are indeed a special place. Here is a list of fashion trends that can be easily spotted within the crowd. Not only will these upgrade your fashion chicness, but you will be also ready for your next coffee shop conversation.


This classic staple shows that the wearer has somewhere to be. They come in different colors and in different fits. Long torso, cropped, tailored and boyfriend fit. Blazers look very professional and well-groomed at coffee shops settings.


Taking the streets by storm, this new emerging trend is the perfect mix of casual and elegant. You can wear them with moccasins for a casual Friday work aesthetic or with sandals for a summer afternoon.


Accessories say many things about you, so why not say: “I own this look” with a gorgeous bag? Kate Spade is a great example of clean cuts accentuated by colorful designs and structures.


Control your temperature by adding items to your outfit such as hats, cardigan sweaters, scarves and jackets! Mixing and matching colors and textures is always fun and will add the cherry on top of that look.

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