Are you a Baby Boomer?

Retirement is now completely different for the baby boom generation. Our retirement options are getting more and more expensive because of the fact that we have more unrestricted income to spare. Are you a baby boomer? Can you place yourself in any of the following categories?


National and international travel is very popular among baby boomers. To prove my point, some close friends recently disbursed money on an Airstream. They are also planning to drive across the United States while maintaining their original style. Another person I know who is aged 70 spent the summer on a yoga retreat in South Africa. The trip included African national parks explorations and the mastering of his yoga poses.


Things have changed quite insignificantly. Us boomers manage our finances quite differently than our parents. We are dynamic, self-governing and we positively anticipate future experiences. Boomers are energetic with our buying: 36% of our income goes to new vehicles and 80% to travel. Others include Apple gadgets and mobile devices. 70% of the baby boomer population is connected to FACEBOOK!

As things evolve and we purchase more services and products, we can expect more brands targeting us and our activities and lifestyles.

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