Retirement is now completely different for the baby boom generation. Our retirement options are getting more and more expensive because of the fact that we have more unrestricted income to spare. Are you a baby boomer? Can you place yourself in any of the following categories?


National and international travel is very popular among baby boomers. To prove my point, some close friends recently disbursed money on an Airstream. Continue reading

All that matters this week is that iris are blooming in Virginia. Soon it will be followed by sweet fragrances that sweep through the night as if you are in a perfumed garden from Omar Khayyam days.

Iris flowers ushers in early spring after the tulips and daffodils are gone. The flowers are delicate and fragile subject to the whims of rain and wind. At least, we know that warmer weathers await us. The beauty of irises lies in its elegant long flat leaves, followed by its elegant long stems, and best in show: the flowers.
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Hollywood’s got it! Have you noticed that there is a sudden surge of movies about men and women in their later years living it up, and refusing to be sent to a “tin can” as Robert Duvall puts it in “A Night in Old Mexico.”

As a movie junkie, if you are in the mood for some déjà vu moments whether getting in touch with your own feelings about love, death, and what life is all about, or making a statement about how you want to live the rest of your life, here are some recommended movies that might be of interest.
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By Veronica Kavanagh for Divine Caroline

Editor’s note: Actually, Andy didn’t have anything to say on women over 40. Well, he might have, but it certainly wasn’t the comments below. Those were made by a man named Frank Kaiser back in 2000 in an essay he wrote for For some reason, the essay was attributed to Rooney and went viral (we’re guessing that’s how you got here, too). This particular version was posted by a DivineCaroline user back in 2007 and was all but forgotten until it began making the rounds on Facebook recently. For the full story on this Internet hoax and others that have made believers out of millions, check out Andy Rooney on Women, and 5 Other Hoaxes to Avoid. —added May 10, 2013 Continue reading

by Emma Bazilian for Adweek, April 2015.

This past January, French fashion house Céline set the Internet abuzz with the release of its spring 2015 print campaign. The ads quickly went viral, blazing a path across Instagram, Twitter and the blogosphere before hitting The New York Times, Forbes and The Atlantic. At the center of all the attention was the face of the campaign: 80-year-old author Joan Didion.

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