How to Keep Your Mind Active

People of all ages may be forgetful at one time or another. For example, your vehicle keys always seem to disappear no matter how often you put them in the same place!

That is not to say that there is a tendency to lose mental sharpness as you age. The good news is there are many ways to keep your mind active that will allow you to enjoy life to the fullest well into the later years in life.

Research has shown that adopting lifelong learning habits is one excellent method to keep your mind active. School is no longer only for youth. Today people have the opportunity to pursue rigorous courses of study that can be applied in the pursuit of a second or third career – or simply to utilize as a contributing member of society.

There are simply a wealth of learning choices out there – from online to community classes or form academic study on a nearby campus. Learn a new language, study ancient history, or take a computer training course. Just never stop learning.

Engage in physical activity; it benefits the mind as well. You know the phrase ‘get your blood pumping’ – well that’s what happens when you walk, or perform other types of exercise. Fresh blood doesn’t only pump through all the parts of your body below your neck, it enhances your mind and ability to think clearly. Incorporate some form of exercise into your life on a daily basis.

Be socially active. This instigates conversations, active listening, and thought processes. It is emotionally fulfilling which further improves an active mind. Join a social group, volunteer, go to church, travel with a group or find another outlet to match your interests. Get out of the house and get involved. This dynamic enhances thinking and the life experience itself.

Do not drink and smoke or eat to excess. All of these habits work against mental acuity. Smoking and drinking increase the risk of dementia. However, that is not to say that you can never have alcohol, just drink in moderation. The same is true for eating.

Try to maintain a healthy diet that includes raw fruits and vegetables and cut out saturated fats as much as possible. Also fish is a good alternative to red meat. Unhealthy foods that are high in fat have been linked to cognitive decline.

Engage in activities that promote the use of your mind. Read as much as you can. Become a crossword puzzle or Sudoku puzzle advocate. Take up writing, buy jigsaw puzzles at the dollar store, do online word games.

Set aside so much time every day for the active use of your mind. If you are a television watcher turn off the volume and turn on the captions. Read your television instead of being a passive audience. Over time you may come to love the quiet that accompanies a house without the noise of a blaring television.

Learn how to play an instrument, take up dance or involve yourself in one of the creative arts. You know you always wanted to learn how to play the piano, tap dance or paint. There was never any time when you were raising a family but now your time is your own. Enjoy it!

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