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Statistics reveal that as much as twenty percent of the senior population has been a victim of fraud and that it often goes unreported for a number of reasons. First, the perpetrator may be a family member or loved one, or they may be intimidated.

Just as often, the criminal justice system is too confusing to manipulate and seniors are also concerned they will be viewed as incompetent and incapable of handing their own affairs.

In light of this, it is important to become proactive in learning how to guard against fraud. What follows are five simple rules to avoid being a victim of deception.

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Retirement is now completely different for the baby boom generation. Our retirement options are getting more and more expensive because of the fact that we have more unrestricted income to spare. Are you a baby boomer? Can you place yourself in any of the following categories?


National and international travel is very popular among baby boomers. To prove my point, some close friends recently disbursed money on an Airstream. Continue reading