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Everyone wants more success in their lives, but the definition of success is much more subjective than anything else. Being a successful baby boomer depends on your own definition of success. Spending more time and energy towards whatever your current short term goals are will help you attain more of what you define as success, and will very likely make you happier.

You probably have already accomplished much of what you want to accomplish, and you may want to set your sights on some new goals such as entrepreneurship or traveling to some of the places you’ve always wanted to travel within the next 6 to 12 months.

Define your goals and start working on them
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Age is not a limitation at all for your ability to rebrand yourself and to create a fresh new outlook in your career and life. Learning and evolving is a lifelong task, and you can always pick up new skills and knowledge and present yourself in a completely new light to your potential employers and social network with enough effort and the right plan.

No matter what age you are, rebranding is simply a matter of taking the initiative to make the changes necessary to be able to rebrand yourself confidently. There should be nothing intimidating or frightening about your wishes to do this; almost everyone understand the need to evolve and make changes in your life so that you are fulfilled, satisfied, and accomplishing all of the goals that you want to accomplish.

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The latest Tesla vehicles include some of the most innovative and modern automobile concepts ever designed, and because of that fact some may think that the vehicle is targeted for more of a younger buyer. However, that couldn’t be any further from the truth, as many Tesla vehicle owners are seniors who are looking for energy efficient new methods of transportation and who have the money to spend on Tesla’s pricey automobiles.

The Tesla Model S in particular has been an attractive option for seniors who want comfort, energy efficiency, safety, and who want to be on the cutting edge of vehicle technology and development. It offers a unique combination of features that cannot be found in other vehicle models.

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According to AARP, 41 Million boomers own smartphones, an increase of 53% in the last two years. As ownership of smartphones is on the increase, road safety issues become more critical for older drivers.

Baby boomers have always enjoyed the freedom of conquering new horizons. Smartphones are no different. Smartphones have become the new territory to conquer and enjoy. With the freedom of the road, GPS enabled, what is there to stop baby boomers from enjoying their new sense of freedom of staying in touch with friends and families by smartphones? Smartphones bring opportunities to post instantaneous pictures on Facebook, while families and friends are big features that come with the press of a button.

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Did you have the chance to check out Ray Ban’s latest campaign? It features a couple from the Baby Boomer generation holding a portrait of themselves as a young couple. Of course the couple in actuality is wearing Ray Ban Wayfarers. They look stylish and are happily smiling and hugging each other. Check out the image above, because it is worth a thousand words. For the fabulous sunglasses please visit ray-ban.com

Hollywood’s got it! Have you noticed that there is a sudden surge of movies about men and women in their later years living it up, and refusing to be sent to a “tin can” as Robert Duvall puts it in “A Night in Old Mexico.”

As a movie junkie, if you are in the mood for some déjà vu moments whether getting in touch with your own feelings about love, death, and what life is all about, or making a statement about how you want to live the rest of your life, here are some recommended movies that might be of interest.
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