Texting and Driving for Baby Boomers

According to AARP, 41 Million boomers own smartphones, an increase of 53% in the last two years. As ownership of smartphones is on the increase, road safety issues become more critical for older drivers.

Baby boomers have always enjoyed the freedom of conquering new horizons. Smartphones are no different. Smartphones have become the new territory to conquer and enjoy. With the freedom of the road, GPS enabled, what is there to stop baby boomers from enjoying their new sense of freedom of staying in touch with friends and families by smartphones? Smartphones bring opportunities to post instantaneous pictures on Facebook, while families and friends are big features that come with the press of a button.

According to Edmunds.com, baby boomers are buying more cars with newer safety features e.g. backup cameras, new navigation systems, automatic keyless door features, and more efficient fuel economy, just to name a few. As built-in safety in cars continue to improve, aging takes its toll with failing eye sights and slower coordination set in. Therefore texting has become more risky while driving on the roads.

Perhaps a Smartcar with text voice activation might just be the thing for baby boomers as they enjoy their driving in their later years!

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